Olivetti is a name that is recognized around the world, and is widely acknowledged as a global leader in office automation, computing, and telecommunications. For more than one hundred years, Olivetti has built a reputation as one of the world’s most iconic brands, renowned for its rich history, timeless quality, and universal appeal. And today, on every continent, Olivetti is still constantly evolving, its designers at the forefront of the latest breakthroughs in user-orientated technology.

Ultimately, though, the reason for Olivetti’s on-going growth and phenomenal success comes down to one simple factor: popularity.

Olivetti products are consistently rated among the world’s best, precisely because they are immensely practical, easy to use, and superbly cost-effective. Add features like beautiful design, effortless function, and legendary reliability, and it is easy to see why Olivetti is an obvious first choice.

Colour/Monochrome Printers

Laser or digital, colour or black/white: a variety of technologies and a broad range of models to cover all requirements and guarantee consistently excellent print quality and low running costs. 

Monochrome Multifunctional Devices

Olivetti Multifunctional digital systems for everyday reproduction and printing of monochrome (black/white) documents. Robust, reliable, fast, ideal for all office processes and in schools and the education sector – large and small, these systems are designed specifically to boost productivity by cutting costs.

Colour Multifunctional Devices

Olivetti has a range of Multifunctional digital systems for reproducing and printing colour and black/white documents. Designed to boost productivity and cut costs, these devices are fast, reliable and ideal for large and small offices. Find a multifunctional colour device to suit the needs of your business here:

Riso Digital Duplicators

RISO digital duplicators are high speed machines operating up to 130 pages per minute.

They do not use toner for printing and hence are not fitted with heated rollers (used in laser printers and photocopiers to melt the toner particles and fuse them to the paper). Instead, they operate with ink. Hence, they do not require warm up time when turned ON, contributing to energy conservation. Other energy saving features include the Auto Power off function that automatically switches the unit off after a predetermined operation time and the Auto Sleep function that enables the duplicator to enter ‘sleep mode’.

Production Printing Solutions ComColor

The world’s fastest printer, the new ComColor+ heightens efficiency while lowering costs. It’s also loaded with an array of easily scalable features. The ComColor X1 series combines very high print speeds with low running costs based on Riso’s award-winning Ink-Jet technology. The result is an economical alternative to laser-based devices for any kind of Print-on-demand applications, e.g. the in-house production of manuals, brochures, office documents, envelopes, invoices and transactional documents.

Expand in-house printing operations with the ComColor+. Now more capable than ever.


Olivetti has been at the forefront of office automation for more than a century. From pioneering the field of multifunction electronic duplication and communication, our products have evolved to become an automatic choice for corporations, SMEs, and schools and education institutions.

From the popular RISO Duplicator, which uses a ‘drum and stencil’ mechanism to enable extremely cost-effective mass duplication, to our advanced multifunction digital systems, we have every product to satisfy your precise requirements. Reliable, fast, and economical, this Olivetti range is designed to easily maximise document production while reducing costs.

Practical features, ergonomic design and reduced dimensions ensure that our systems are perfectly suited to the modern office, where the most efficient use of space is often a prime indicator of productivity.

With a range of high quality printer, copier and facsimile multifunction systems, our clients have a choice of colour or mono (black & white) options that cater for both A3 and A4 print.
In addition, a range of stand-alone printers and fax machines ensures that every requirement is met, from a small office where auto-answering capability might be needed; to a large corporate that requires the intelligent integration of several office automation products.

Olivetti software solutions are also specifically designed to cater for interactivity, from the relative simplicity of networked office printers right through to our ‘INCONTACT’ system, which permits a service provider to remotely monitor a client’s toner levels, machine service, replacement requirements and error codes.


With PaperCut, we provide you with the right tools to rapidly reduce your printing costs, while ensuring document security and improving document handling. This easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy print management solution assists with optimising your printer fleet, drastically reducing paper and toner usage, establishing confidential printing, centralises administration of users and devices and simplifies document handling.

Pull Print and Rule Based Printing functionalities eliminate those piles of unclaimed prints, reduce toner usage, and promote sustainable printing, all of which translates to significant savings for your business.

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial start-up, a school, bank or a large multinational, we have the resources available to maximise your office functions while dramatically reducing costs.