Whether you’re growing your business, or growing your capacity to service customers or communities, growth comes with its challenges.
The right ICT solutions can better equip you to manage costs, streamline, improve communications and protect your information. But which ones will work the hardest for you.

Why is Mobility ever increasingly more and more important?


Most Businesses are switching to wireless phones

49% of their employees have substituted their landline phones entirely with wireless devices.

Now your office can work and function anywhere in South Africa as if your were at your desk in the Office.

Mobile PBX Features:

* Call Waiting * Voice Message Indicator * Call Baring * Line Identification * Voice Mail Transfer

* Call Divert * Do Not Disturb * Last Number Redial * Push To Talk * Authorization Code

* N-Way Calling * Call Transfer * Conference Call * Call On Hold * Anonymous Call Rejection

* Automatic Callback * Call Forwarding * Call Line ID * Call Park * Call Pickup * Call Retrieve

* Call Return.

Additional Features that can be added:

* Call Recording

* PC Based Operator

* Telephone Management Software

* VoiceMail

* Auto Attendance.

A Mobilized Workforce Requires a Mobile PBX

The Mobile PBX System is a feature for feature premise-based PBX replacement solution, with full convergence to provide these PBX feature on a Mobile Device. It provides all the functionality from a fully redundant, hosted environment, built and integrated into the Mobile GSM network.

A Solution That Fits Your Financial & Operational Constraints

The system provides a fully secure and private PBX for an enterprise of any size and complexity. Your company will have access to all the familiar telephone management & administration systems needed to run a PBX, without having to be concerned with the underlying management and system maintenance of a complex enterprise wide PBX implementation.

A Solution That Suites Your Needs

A telephony system that is designed to meet the requirements for carrier grade telecommunications infrastructure, which far exceeds that of typical on promise PBX solutions.

MPBX is also a fully converged Fixed and Mobile solution, combining the best features and benefits of traditional and VoIP fixed line voice services, with Nationwide Voice coverage on Mobile Networks.

Fully redundant with each component deployed in a high availability multiple system environments (n+1 and 1+1) All supporting systems such as power, cooling, network connectivity, interconnections, voice peering links, management systems are also fully redundant with multiple hardware and software implementations to ensure a functionally available and stable system.

Fully scalable to millions of extensions and hundreds of thousands of concurrent calls. Fully monitored and managed by the network for failures, faults, overloads and performance. Fully Secured voice ensuring a high level of privacy and security for sensitive communications. Compliant with regulatory requirements regarding legal intercept, record keeping and other legal requirements.

Last But Not Least: A Mobile and Simplified Solution

Quite simply, MPBX removes all the complication from the enterprise and allows them to manage their day to day fixed and mobile communications requirements in a simple, coordinated and cost effective manner.